Dear Business Owner.

     Life is short. You don't have forever to "figure out" how to transform your business into a wealth-building machine.

     And let's face – unless you inherit from a wealthy relative – your business is the ONLY tool at your disposal that will transport you to the kind of life you want for yourself and your family.

     But not everyone has what it takes to obtain, grow and KEEP wealth. You must be willing to elbow your way to the table and take your seat. There are a lot of other very smart people in your industry fighting for that seat too.

     It's why so many entrepreneurs hit a brick wall. They can't grow, they can't earn more, and it's like they're spinning their wheels working longer and longer hours with diminishing results.

     Allow me to show you a MUCH more simple way — where you're the smartest, savviest, most feared entrepreneur in your industry. That’s where things get fun.

     I've helped many, MANY business owners just like you achieve obscene success. Don't believe it? Just read some of the testimonials on this page.

     If your business brings in more than $250,000 then the next line will excit you! (if your company does 5 mill+ then email my asst directly for our corporate program –

     Now it's your turn…

     We have 3 spots opening up in my 1-on-1 coaching program. If you get in, you and I will work together on a simple plan to grow your company, so you can see noticeable, measurable improvements every month!

     So fill out the application below and see if you qualify. If you do, the next few months will be an exciting new journey for you…


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"Thanks To Chris I Now Make $10,000 - $20,000 Per Month And Take A Lot Of Vacations!"

"No Experience, No Contacts, No Clue Where To Begin... Expert In His Field In 3 Weeks!"

"Chris' Advice On Our Last Coaching Call Resulted In over $500,000 In Increased Revenue..."

"Working With Chris Has Made A 7-Figure Difference In Our Bottom Line!"

"$1.5 Million Dollar Deal - Thanks For Getting Me To Take Action..."

"$60,000 Within 1 Week, And $100,000 A Few Weeks Later!"

Tell me a little about your background
What are the top 3 things you want to achieve with our time together?
(These are the key area's you can hold me accountable to helping you grow)
Are you ready to devote at least 4 hours a month to growing your business?
(I will be finding holes in your business, helping you become more profitable and grow far faster using proven strategies that are usually very simple to implement, or that my team can implement for you at no cost to you. But even with that said, you will need to devote at least 4 hours a month to brainstorming with me and taking the appropriate actions).
Yes No
What’s your business domain(s):
(I'm going to want to see your website, if you have one, so I can better understand how to quickly make you more profitable online)
Tell me about your business/career background:
(It's important that I know how we can leverage your past, to grow your business faster today)
Give me a general 30,000 foot view of your company?
(If you and I met in an elevator and I asked you what your company does - what would you tell me... quickly, before the doors open up)
Who is your target audience?
(I'm going to have my team locate your target audience online, so I know where they congregate in mass, what kinds of words they use when they chat with each other, and who else is marketing to them. When we know that - we'll know how to quickly motivate them to go to your website and buy from you)
Who is your main competitor?
(Before our first call, my team is going to study your competition, so I know where they advertise, how much they spend on advertising, and what kinds of ads are working best for them. We'll be able to use that data to save you a ton of money on your ads... and pull a lot of their traffic to your website, forcing your competition to spend more and more on their ads each month just to keep up with you)
What (if any) of the following resources do you have access to currently:

Joint Venture Partners/Affiliates:
(There's a lot of ways to leverage JV partners and affiliates that can add an additional 30-40% onto your bottom line with zero cost to you. And if you don't have JV partners yet, I'll show you how to get ones that will spend their money to grow your business)
Yes No

Customer List/Email List:
(One of my specialties is growing and monetizing customer and email lists, so tell me how large your list is so I come to our call with the right strategies for YOU, because the strategy we use to grow a 1000 person list to 10,000, is very different than how we grow a 100,000 person list to 1,000,000 or more)
Yes No

(If you have employees, we'll want to make sure they're passionate and driven to grow your business - there's a system for this that I'll show you. If you don't have employees, I'll show you a highly successful process for finding great people who will help you grow)
Yes No

(I don't care who your vendors are, just tell me if you have any good ones, so I know where we're starting or who to recommend to you)
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How did you hear about the Advanced Business Growth program?
(if you were referred, please indicate by whom)
Tell me why you want to get in:
(By now you've probably seen a few of the videos on this page, and you're beginning to see the potential sitting right in front of you. I do this because I love to help good companies grow. Tell me why you really want to grow...)
How can we contact you...

Email Address:


I truly hope you get in, and if you do, I'm really looking forward to working with you :)

PS:  I don’t even care if you don’t know ANYTHING about creating a successful online business! If you can listen, learn,and apply the information I show you... and you can dedicate a few hours a week,then I will consider you.

PPS: If you have any challenges with your application submission, please feel free to email my assistant at: Emily (at)

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