Build Credibility By Becoming An Author

Business Credibilty…

Becoming a leader in your field requires that you develop credibility first.

Don’t worry about your starting point. You can develop credibility no matter what your past, or the past of your company has been—whether you are already the CEO of a $100 billion a year company or someone who was just released from jail and never before held a real job.

The past doesn’t matter. It’s all in how your past is presented. The CEO of a large company is going to use his past business acumen to boost his credibility, whereas the ex-con is going to focus everybody’s attention on what he or she learned during that unique experience called prison. Highlighting certain aspects of either of those two stories to sway others to trust them as a leader.

The end result? Once people trust you because you’ve demonstrated credibility, they will do business with you.

If you’re second-guessing any of this, just study the way politicians market themselves as being highly credible, and then watch how the masses choose the one they perceive to be most credible to become their leader.

The masses make the leader, but the leader builds his or her own credibility which sways the masses. You and I have both seen the politician who reinvents their image after a scandal, or the company that comes back from a major reputational setback.

How To Use This To Grow In Business

There are a handful of proven ways an individual or corporation can develop true credibility. The kind of credibility that drives new growth for a company, new income streams for an entrepreneur and votes for an individual to be elected to office.

The fastest and easiest way for this to happen is for a person to write something and position it in a way that gets it into the hands of millions. Written material, properly orchestrated, actively demonstrates authority and transforms the author into a credible leader.

Those who underestimate the power of this single step, end up paying a far higher price for success (in time, effort, and financial resources).

The simple fact is that the written word is an extremely powerful techniquebusiness_credibility_video—probably the most powerful technique—for building credibility and producing usable tools to boost your company’s bottom line.

However, the idea of writing something—anything—scares most people as much as public speaking, but if you truly know that being the author of a successful book could change your business, your credibility, and your career then let my team of expert writers help you create your book.

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