How Hollywood Spreads The Word About New Movies

Every wonder how Hollywood spreads the word about new movies, and creates such a viral buzz that movie-goers flood the theaters on opening day?

On page 36 in the book iLead, I share with you the same social system we use to help Hollywood get their marketing message in front of millions of fans.

Here’s a step by step plan that works not just for filling seats on opening-day, but also for getting politicians elected, launching a new product, or driving your sales crazy:

Think of your marketing in 3 distinct “acts”:

  • A year or more before the movie hits theaters (or before your product hits the stores, or before election day), you introduce the uniqueness of it with ninety-second teaser trailers and viral Internet “leaks” of gossip or early footage, in preparation for the main trailer.
  • The main trailer (or marketing message) comes out four months before the release
  • Five weeks before the movie opens, you start saturating with a flight of thirty-second TV spots
  • When the movie hits, you remind with fifteen-second spots, newspaper ads, and billboards.

We’ve helped companies, movie marketing firms, and politicians dominate their marketplace by customizing this basic model to the specific goals of each client.


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