Internet Marketing

Website Optimization For Medium To Large Businesses

One of the most common questions I get asked in our business bootcamps is how to get more exposure online.  Most businesses, no matter what industry they're in and no matter how large, can drastically increase their bottom line sales by properly growing their online exposure. The sad part is that most businesses hire an outside SEO company who sold them on some BS about how they can get them to rank #1 on Google. Most SEO companies use Google's frequent updates to scare their clients, saying things like "Google just came out with another update and your site needs to be…Continue Reading →

List of Paid Traffic Sources For Your Website!

It doesn't matter if you have an offline business with a website, or if you business is completely online with no brick and mortar office.  If you have a website you need quality, targeted traffic on a consistent basis to grow your brand, your sales, and your revenue. Below, you'll find a list of the top paid sources of traffic (PPC, Retageting, etc) to boost your online business growth.  This list is certainly not all-inclusive, and it's onlyu a general list. Some sources of traffic will convert for one industry, and not for another – but no matter what industry…Continue Reading →

Simple Business Website Conversion Strategies

The following seven strategies have been proven time and time again to boost conversion on Business websites in almost every industry and in any economy. Look at your company website while reviewing this list, so you can see any wholes that need to be filled so yout business can begin picking up some of the easy to cultivate revenue you're leaving on the table right now. 38% of consumers abandoned online shopping carts when delivery estimates exceeded 7 days 67% of potential buyers abandon your shopping cart before completing their order Using video on landing pages or shopping cart pages…Continue Reading →

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